Let Go of the Grip on the Green

It’s hard, I know. You finally have a little money coming in, you’ve even started a business savings account, and now someone is telling you to let it go. Things seem to be looking brighter. You’ve got a steady flow of customers. Why advertise? Why dedicate any of your budget to marketing? It’s hard to let go of your grip on the green!

Now is the best time to carve out a percentage of your income and dedicate it to marketing and advertising. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to business owners who have not done a scrap of advertising when the bank account looked good…and they’re not seeing new customers…and their profits are dropping…and then they really don’t have money for advertising! Let go of your grip on the green and trust that your return on your investment in yourself and in your business is going to show up. Take a few minutes to consider what a few dollars can do to increase awareness about your business, and put your green to work.

Work in Season