Work in Season

I grew up in the Midwest where four seasons distinctly show themselves. I love my life in California, but I’m not gonna lie when I say that I do miss the gorgeous leaves in the fall and the incredible bursts of color in the spring. In California, we have a different kind of distinct seasonal change: local market / tourist market. If you’re a business owner in Santa Cruz, Monterey, or El Dorado Counties, this note is for you. 

Have you considered your marketing efforts by season? I mean, really. Have you put your money into seasonal categories and considered your target markets during those times? If you set aside money for a printed ad in a magazine mostly circulated among tourists, you’re not spending that in the fall, right? If you’re dedicating time and resources to email campaigns for locals events at your business, it’s not in July, right? With some careful planning and forethought, you could be creating a masterful budget that will work for your benefit in the right season. 

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