Photos That Wow

This past week I dug through a box of photos from 2005. I had a little Kodak point-and-shoot digital camera that was probably about 5 or 6 megapixels and had a fantastic 3x zoom. That was a big step up from my previous camera (my first ever digital camera) that was only 3 megapixels! That little Kodak camera took some of the clearest photos with the most beautiful lighting. I’ve had several cameras, and several phones with cameras, since then, but I still kinda wish I had that old Kodak. 

We’ve all gotten used to the abilities of our phones to take decent photos. With the latest technology, we can capture a still shot from a string of “live” shots, we can filter the heck out of  it, crop it, post it, and give ourselves a pat on the back for our photography genius. But I challenge you to a photography dual with a professional (like those on the Initiative team). These people are grabbing more than a moment. They are analyzing focus placement, depth of field, lighting from all angles, shadows, speed of movement, and every element of the scene. It’s like they’ve developed a sixth sense for the most perfect moment. And then on top of that, they somehow have the patience to either wait for it or work for it until they get it. 

There’s a difference between your filtered and funky iPhone image and the Wow factor of a professional photo. It’s worth every penny to have the best for your business.

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